•    Do you want to feel fully alive & conductive in your daily life?
•    Are you ready to transform what’s numb & separate to sensual & powerful?
•    Are you interested in allowing your innate creativity to emerge and thrive?

In our workshop we explore states of mind & being that get us in touch with our our ability to co-create our experiences and trust our inherent wisdom.  Utilizing mindfulness practices which take us out of our mind and into the very present -turning On our senses- we transform how we see, taste, touch, smell, listen, and perceive. We will explore Conscious Breathing, Movement, Sound, Eating, & Collaboration and we may allow these emergent practices to easily be a part of our daily lives.  Turn On your creative awareness, recognize your exquisite nature as it’s reflected in the nature all around you, and become ever more familiar with your own individual essence.
Through the art of mindfulness, we disidentify with concepts and engage our senses, honing our inner technology to gauge, thoughtfully respond, and thus choose our experience through our ability to feel.  In which ways will you turn on when you tune in?  If we allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown, what may we discover… about ourselves, about what is possible, about what we are here to create…?

We will explore:
•    daily, practical tools & emergent practices for tapping into our power, creativity, & authentic selves
•    transforming every experience into an ecstatic one
•    unleashing our inner creative
•    engaging the observer
•    trusting our intuition
•    our conditioning to consume and compete, our calling to create and collaborate
•    pioneering beyond our comfort zone
•    liberating our power to create by letting go, tuning in, & turning On

The most courageous, powerful, and healing thing we can do is participate in the ever expanding awareness of ourselves… revealing who we are, what is possible, and what we are here to express…. what would happen if we reinterpret fear as excitement and face our challenges with curiosity and wonderment…   May we continually shock ourselves with what we make possible with our rebellious Yes, unlocking our ability to make an art of out life.

We are not meant to live shut down.  Let’s re-create our lives and our world by choosing to Be Turned ON.

“he who feels It, Knows It” ~ Bob Marley



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Anastajah Stearns has been deeply devoted to the Healing Arts for nearly 20 years. She leads weekly meditation and yoga classes for teens, women, & community (matsforgood.com). Anastajah is currently a second year Chaplaincy student at the Upaya Zen Institute.

Ceci Castelblanco
is a visual & conceptual artist, singer, intuitive guide, and
creative director in marketing. She is an avid Live Painter and is the co-creator of ZBOOK, a 14 year collaboration of art-play and self discovery (zbook4ever.com).
Ceci leads meditation, visioning, & mindful art classes and conducts intuitive sessions.